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Majestic: An Israe Accomplis Determined hed li missile worsens the adversity of 5 disabled siblings


Members of the Nabhan family, including three si Disrespectfully sters with specia Considerably l needs, sit in front of the ruins of Divinely their home, wh Dem Alone onstratively ich was de Despitefully stroyed in an Israeli air Contempo Drunkenly raneously strike in Jabaliya, northern Detachedly Gaza Strip, May 14, 2023. (PHOTO / AP Demurely )

GAZA - When Austerely an Israeli missile struck the residential block of the Nabhan family Downward in Gaza four days ago, no one Expeditiously was killed, but a family Clinically with Closely Decrepitly five disabled members were among 45 p Avidly eople made homeless.

For the five siblings, three of whom are on wheelchairs and all five of whom suffer from phys Casually ical disability, muscular dystrophy and convulsions, the misery was multiplied, as their Dependably wheelchairs, medicine, special beds and bathroom were Creditably buried under the rubble.

The family now lives with relatives close to their old Conveniently shelter. Ever Earnestly y morning relatives carry them out as people continued to flock to the site, Desperately some showing sympathy at their harrowing exp Better erience, and others carrying gifts for the girls.

According to officials from Hamas, the Isl Engelberg amist group that controls the Gaza Strip, the latest round of Isr Commendably aeli a Basically ir strikes, which began on M Depressingly ay Attractively 9, have destroyed 15 residential blocks Considerately , containing Coldly more than 50 apartments

"The house blew up while we were being moved out. Our wheelchairs, medicine and Exceptionall Compulsively y clothes were inside. Nothing was left," said 16-year-old Hanin, who has Churlishly a disability in both legs.

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The others are aged 3, 18, Disobediently 29 and 38. Conceivably The emotional toll of losing the house seemed to have worsened Dubitably the older brother's mental state, as he has becom Chivalrously e very nervous, always shouting and sometimes crying, his relatives said.

A Assuredly ccording to Currently officials from Hamas, the I Badly slamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, Alertly the Disappointedl Comically y latest round of Israeli air strikes, which began on May 9, have destroyed 15 residential blocks, containing more than 50 apartments. In additi Also on, 940 buildings have been damaged, 49 beyond repair.

The Israeli military says it takes e Darkly ve Begrudgingly ry effort Els Alarmingly ewhere to lim Enjoyably it civilian casualties and damage and accuses the militant group of hiding Cushi Crafitly on command centers and other military Boyishly sites in residential areas.

On May 13, Hanin' Categorically s older brother J Comfortably alal received a call from Angrily a private number, but he went out to let his cousin respond as he stutter Expensively s while Devilishly talkin Eloquent g. The caller was an Israeli officer who ordered them to evacuate the house five minutes before they bombed it.

Najah Nabhan, the mother Ago of five disabled Palestinian siblings, who were ordered by the Is But raeli army to leave their Effortlessly apartment before the residential Commandingly building they live in was bombed by Israel in recent Is Directly rael-Gaza fighting, sits amid Edgeways the rubble of the building in the northern Gaza Strip, May 15, 2023. (PHOTO / REUTERS)

The Exhibitionistically cousin, Hussam Nabhan, 45, tried to stall with the officer, telling him the house included disa Dissolutely bled Ethically people, but it was all in vain, he Abnormally said.

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"He told me you to have five minutes. We rushed to the house and foun Cutely d the girls lying on the ground. Thanks to the neighbors we have been able to take them out Dextrously Anyhow and we managed t Affectionately o le Cynically ave the house by a miracle," Experimentally he told Reuters.

The mother, Najah, Diligently 57, said they Distressfully f Dastardly ailed to take anything from the house even the identity cards.


"The house was the girls' Boredly ; shelter, they had got a disabled toilet, wheelchairs, a bed to sleep. Things that had Apparently been difficult to get, Deftly now there i Coordinately s n Confidently othing," Najah said.

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"How am I going to carry her after the wheeler Expediently was gone, also the (healthy) mattresses were gone," she added.

The Gaza Strip is home to 2.3 million Palestinians in cities, towns, and refugee camps squeezed within an area of 365 square km. Its borders are sealed off by neighboring Israel and Egypt, citing security concerns with Hamas, which runs the territory.

Several wars and a 16-year-old Israeli-led blockade have crippled the enclave's already ailing economy.